What is Africa's Onward Growth Model?

Africa is at an inflection point – a unique point in its history. The continent unlocked its potential and experienced rapid growth over the past decade. However, Africa’s nascent growth is increasingly threatened by continued sociopolitical instability, a persistent deficit in infrastructure, low quality human capital and most recently, rising terrorism.

It is critical that African governments and the private sector make the right decisions to sustain its promising growth. But what are these decisions? Which growth model should governments promote for Africa – a similar low cost manufacturing model used by East Asia, an agriculture-based model similar to Latin America or is there a clear, unique “African” model? Furthermore, can Africa disrupt existing industries by taking advantage of new technologies to leapfrog previously required growth stages?

The 22nd Wharton Africa Business Forum will explore, in detail, the different paths Africa could take. The goal of this year’s conference is to help every participant reach their own inflection point – what new idea, technology and innovations we all can bring to the continent to help her prosper.

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  • Morning Roundtable Conversation

    Uyi Akpata
    Country Senior Partner, Nigeria & Regional Senior Partner for the PwC West Market Area

  • Morning Roundtable Conversation

    Ambassador John Simon
    Founding Partner, TIA; Former U.S. Ambassador, African Union and Former Executive Vice President, OPIC

  • Closing Keynote

    Papa Madiaw Ndiaye
    CEO AFIG Funds

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